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Is this enough? Can I still blog? Anyone out there?

It feels like it’s been forever since I last wrote something with some substance. Other than sharing some links of some of the places I’ve been, I feel tired. Even after going back to my medicine, I still feel overwhelmed by life and work. There are lots of things going on at work, many projects, much testing of instruments, lots of data to collect and process, seminars, webinars, workshops, etc. I’ve definitely neglected the blog, though I try to write something every week, a promise I made as part of my resolutions for this year. One of the things that pains me the most is that I’ve been missing the wonderful and informative discussions on Twitter. I still don’t know how come I get new followers every day, especially when I’ve been tweeting and sharing less and less. In part, I feel overwhelmed, both by the good and the bad of science and life. Has this ever happened to you? I’m reading blogs even less. I’m sorry for that. I guess I have internet overload. And I’ve had it for a while. Also, I feel like I’m out of ideas/topics to write about. Everyone I follow and know seems to write things much more eloquently than I can … or at least that’s my perception. It’s hard to juggle life, science and my online persona at times.

Honey spent a few days with me. It was awesome. We got to celebrate 7 years together by going to DC for a weekend. My apologies for not contacting anyone in the DC area. We only spent a little over 24hrs there and wanted to make the most out of it. It was awesome. I’d been in DC for a day earlier in the year and I definitely enjoyed the vibe of the city. Though the subway system is fantastic, it was ouch-tastic compared to NYC. Seriously, 14$ for a 1 day pass? And pay by distance may seem great, but in NYC I can take a bus and/or subway and ride from Queens to Coney Island for 2.25$. Granted, the systems is much cleaner/better kept, but still. It was awesome. We went to a few museums, ate yummy food, stopped by the Eastern Market on Sunday, which we greatly enjoyed. In NYC we walked tons, ate tons, and laughed even more. I miss living with my honey, I miss his touch, his smell, his sense of humour, his smile, and how he takes care of me. I just want him to find a job, a good job where he can grow and use his talents and see if we can be together at last.

I got an email yesterday from someone from the HuffPo … they wanted me to participate in this panel. Nothing ever materialized, but it was nice (if is was indeed from the HP) to reach out and try to get me out of my job shell for a little bit. It’s nice to see that people in different areas read what you write and find that you may have something to contribute to an even larger audience.

Finally, my phone died. I’ve hate the piece of shite since I first got it. It’s been a pain in the ass and I’ve saved enough money to get me some shiny piece of technology that it’s worth my time and money (hopefully). I’m finally purchasing my first piece of Apple technology. Yes, I know, incredible. I’d been resisting Apple until I started in my postdoc lab, which was full of Macs. I guess I had to learn UNIX/Linux to fully appreciate Apple. Though I’m not an expert by any means, I find that the phone I’m getting is in tune with my needs, more so than my current choice. So we’ll see how this goes. In the meantime, I still have to survive with my piece of crap for a few more days.

For now, that’s it. I just had to get some things off my chest. At times I’ve gotten so discouraged by the internet overload that I’ve felt like everything I have to say has been said, and that maybe I should hang the blogging gloves once and for all. Let’s see what it takes to get me inspired and on track. Have you ever been in a blogging/Twitter funk? What got you back into the rhythm of things? Any advice?

Ask 27 and a PhD

My second Twitter anniversary, and third bloggiversary are fast approaching (both in May). I’ve been thinking that since some of you crazy people out there are either new to my blog or my Twitter stream, maybe, just maybe, you’re interested in learning more about me, my career choices, or quirks (what are y’all thinking??). So, for the next week I’ll be checking my comments and tweets for any questions you have. I know, who do I think I am, right? No, I’m just genuinely interested in connecting with y’all, so feel free to @ me or email me, or leave a message and I’ll be glad to answer, as long as I don’t reveal too many details about my life (personal or professional) which could put my job, or that of those around me, in jeopardy.