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Wow, it’s been nearly 4 months since I last wrote.

So much has changed, for the most part, for good. I hope to share the birth story in a later post, but the gist of it is this: not too long after my last post I was done with being pregnant. I was considered full term and the midwife had said earlier that she’d only let me go one week over the 40wk mark. But before that I was SO ready to be done with pregnancy. I was tired, cranky, I wanted to sleep on my belly … and of course, I wanted to meet our precious baby.

I got checked somewhere near week 40 and was dilated to 5cm! I looked at the midwife, she said I was also 100% effaced, so I asked if I could go to the hospital and she said yes. Up we went. I had my mom with me, and of course, the Mr.

It took the rest of the day to complete the dilation, and I had some health issues which only surfaced then and there, but after pushing for about 5hrs, I met a healthy, hairy, cuddly boy. I didn’t gain weight in my pregnancy (weird, but does happen, especially to plus sized ladies like me), and my belly was gone super fast. The baby was over 8lbs and his cry was music to my ears.

It’s been a couple of months now, and things have gotten much sweeter. He’s a great baby, sleeps mostly through the night, but is not very patient when he’s hungry or when his diaper is wet/soiled. He makes us laugh like crazy, and I adore seeing the world through his eyes. Some of my worries were unfounded (I’ve never forgotten to change a diaper), while I’ve worried about tons of things I didn’t even think of (he’s rolling and loves sleeping on his belly, so I’m constantly checking to see if he’s breathing, also, trimming nails is quite a maneuver).

I’m enjoying motherhood more than I thought possible. We’ve been very lucky with the baby, and our parent’s ability to lend more than a hand. I’ve slept considerably more than I was told to expect (though I’m sure I’ll be going crazy soon when sleep regression rears its ugly head), lost a bit of weight (not a ton, so I’m still way over the weight I should be according to the BMI chart).

Our bug is adorable, funny, curious, and we call him our teenager, since he’s desperate to talk and walk/run even though he’s only a handful of months old.

I’m still not back on Twitter, but I am considering going back. I miss you all so much.