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Resolutions 2017 – an update

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I didn’t make any resolutions for 2017. I did post the following back in 2016, so let’s see how I’ve done:

For 2017, I hope to achieve/do:

  1. Pay off cc #2 and pay off a good chunk of cc #3. Maybe get rid of my not-in-my-name-debt-but-still-paying-anyway. – Not totally done with #2, but slowly chipping away at it. Had a couple of unexpected expenses that set me back a bit. But overall, definitely better than last year and closer to my goal. 
  2. Go on and spend some time with my students and pick up some of the cool stuff they do with their samples. Be better at troubleshooting stuff I’m currently not so well versed. Been doing LOTS of this.
  3. Get another good review. A raise too, maybe? YES and more YES!!! I’m definitely where I should be.
  4. Go to a workshop or conference … hopefully a high profile one. Did go to a couple of symposiums but nothing super high profile.
  5. Complete my emergency fund and finalize the rollover of my old retirement account into a new one. Gave up on this.
  6. Do our taxes before mid-February, and if possible, apply whatever refund I get to cc #2, or maybe #3 if I stick to my guns and pay off what I can but I’m scared of (my mind is really a work of … who knows, I’m a little kooky). The Mr and I got the surprise of our lives when we had to pay nearly $2000! That was a bummer. Thankfully hon’s savings came to the rescue. I was able to pay honey off a few months ago! Right after this unpleasant surprise I adjusted deductions and hopefully we won’t get a horrible surprise come tax season 2018.
  7. Go home for Christmas. And save money and not go through all my vacation time. Going home in about 4 weeks! And I definitely go through all my time.
  8. Definitely appear as a co-author, or at least in the acknowledgements. I simply can’t give this one up. Boo, I still don’t but I have been thanked by a couple of students during their defense. That’s a yay in my book!
  9. Go to the dentist and get a nice check up (after all, I do have dental coverage). I did and it went really well. Unfortunately my crown came off and had to do a complete tooth extraction. Boo! I got a bone graft and I’m currently hoping it did take and I’ll have an implant done early next year.
  10. Perhaps lose a few pounds. Gave up on this.
  11. Put some of the money that (hopefully) will become available once I’m closer to being debt free into either my retirement account or a high yield savings account. Didn’t want to be debt free.
  12. Develop better organizing and scheduling habits so I can try to be available (and efficient) on as many instruments as possible (I do have a lot of instruments under my belt … kinda scary). Still a work in progress.
  13. Cook at home more often and bring leftovers for lunch. Still trying to plan this out.
  14. Get to work earlier/leave earlier. Mixed success.
  15. Open a separate savings account, perhaps with a local credit union/bank and deposit some $$ I have that’s been sitting in my drawer for way too long. I did!!! And it feels awesome.