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March 31st 2018

I measure certain things in life, things (and events) that are meaningful, on numbers. Numbers of countries visited, how many times I’ve been to Europe, places I’ve interviews, credit score, jobs held.

March 31st, 2018. That’s the date I came up with a few days ago. I was plugging away numbers. And that’s the goal, the end date, of my debt. If all goes well, in a year and 30 days I should be a free woman. I should have all my debts in 0, almost all my accounts/credit lines, reading a big fat 0 … should I keep them open.

Around this time last year I was well on my way to paying 2 debts: credit card #1 (our of 3) and not-my-loan-but-I-was-a-cosigner-hence-I’m-paying debt #1. I was hoping to have cc #2 cleared before the end of the year, but as usual, it didn’t happen. I have added a significant amount of $ to that debt, to the point where there is a comfortable amount of money free, should I have an emergency. I’m paying it off slowly, and hoping that this will be the year I erase that debt once and for all. I still have credit card #3 to pay off, and the send one of my ‘not-my-loans’ loan. Given that those two ‘not-my-loans’ loans were due to my father’s inability to stop himself from going deep into debt, he’s at least savvy enough to look at ways to help me finish that debt ASAP. Should his strategy work (I’m being cautious about it but a little optimistic), I should be free of that burden by early fall of this year.

If/when that happens, I should start making some serious dent on credit card #3. And by March of next year, I should be a free woman. I should be able to save as much as I want, for whatever I want. Some of my goals include: taking over the car payment for a new car my husband and I got (and he’s paying it, but we agreed to split the cost, so he’s paying “his half” until I can take over). It’s been amazing to add a second car to our family, since we’d lived for over a year on 1 car, and I had to do most of the driving. It’s great to be able to work late and for him to drive to my place, grab dinner, then relax at home for the weekend. My car has been paid off for nearly 10 years now (10 years!!!!), and it runs like a well oiled machine. I’m amazed at how taking care of the oil, doing its schedules PMs and fixing minor things (a new battery here and there, some cosmetic fixes, new tires every few years), had managed to get me a reliable little bug, that while old and basic, it takes me from point A to point B without a hitch. I’ve had my car since my first year of grad school. It lived with me in Canada, in NYC, at old job city and now at new job city.

I should be able to increase my contribution to my tax-deferred account, put $$ into my savings account and start working towards the goal of having 3-6 months the equivalent of my expenses, should anything happen. I don’t anticipate much of a chance in my work situation. Honey has a contract, and for now it looks good … but he’s got a new departmental boss taking over in the next year, and a new boss could mean new departmental goals/people (my hubs is not on the TT, he’s a FT lecturer).

It’s insane that nearly 6 years ago I was interviewing back in the States, hoping to get a job in a lab/facility, away from the TT, with benefits. Only to find out that, as I was starting to celebrate my new digs, my dad would admit he’d done really bad money wise and had gone behind my back and wreaked my credit.

It’s taken time to get back in the 700s (my credit got as low as mid 500s!!!).

I sometimes want to pinch myself and ask if this is all real, if I’m truly this close to being debt free. It feels crazy, and insane, and gives me all the feels.

I just hope I’m patient enough and smart enough, to follow through with something, for once in my life, and get to the goal without too many crazy turns.