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Woot woot! Guess who just got a raise?!

Me, that’s who. What, what?!?

I’m so happy to be able to share those news. I was walking on pins and needles for a week before it was announced that I was to meet with two of my bosses (a departmental and a semi-external one … my dept is special like that). I crossed paths with the semi-external person and shared that I was queasy and they were all: “nah bro, it’s cool, it’s ok.” I’ve seen this attitude before and it has sort of backfired so I was still cautious.

Then we meet some time ago, went over the whole formal procedure (the way my uni phrases it is that it should be cordial and relaxed, like a low key staff meeting). And my goodness it was. We were all smiles and had concrete plans. I was asked about what I’d like to achieve in the next year, then my boss entered those plans in an online form that contains all my employee info. Then next year we can go through that and check off what was/wasn’t accomplished.

This is SO different than my last two jobs. At my first staff scientist job I was told of the results, but the meeting was conducted between my boss and the department head. At my former uni lots of things happened online, there was a face-to-face meeting that while cordial, it was still strained because my toxic PI was there, but not my department head.

Here I did some stuff online, but it gets printed out and I’m encouraged to write notes on the pages I’m given. And the form that my supervisor filled is available any time after the review, so I can add notes about progress, etc.

I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And I got a 2% raise. It doesn’t look that impressive on paper (because of taxes and employee contributions I will see pennies instead of dollars), but I feel appreciated, valued … like my efforts count, you know? I am happy.