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Resolutions 2014, almost on month #4

Back in January I made my usual list of resolutions, which besides featuring the usual stuff of weight loss and debt management, had a couple of other things, including wedding stuff. Let’s see how I’ve been doing:

Years ago I thought doing resolutions was pure BS. I still have my doubts. But I sometimes like to challenge myself and see how I do. Here are in no particular order 10 things I’d like to accomplish by the end of 2014:

  • Not drink soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, etc) for the entire year. This was something I wanted to do as part of my 30-before-30 and I never got the nerve to do it. So I’m willing to take a shot and see how long I can stick to this. – not happening, I started strong, but with the lack of sleep (as usual), this is not going to get done. Fail.
  • Have a stress-less wedding. Note, not stress-free, but stress-less. Thus far things haven’t been too complicated, the people at the reception hall have been very nice, I finally got a wedding dress I can fit into and I got my sister’s dress. While I was home hon an I ordered our flowers and my sister and I ordered the cake. We should be husband and wife for the second time in less than 2 months! As mentioned in the previous post, this was accomplished. We hit a few snags (like my  mom finishing fixing the zipper on my dress less than 24hrs before the wedding, and a tiny hiccups with some of the flowers) but in the grand scheme of things, our wedding was better than expected.
  • Pay off one of the credit cards. I have about 3k in it. It’s one of the smallest debts I have (I know, I’m terrible), but I’m going to try my best and wipe off one of those babies ASAP. The next one is ~$600 behind it, so I hope to tackle that one next.
  • Save about 1k by the end of the year (after paying off for the wedding, and erasing one of the cards).
  • Have a no-new-clothes month. I’m thinking of doing this next month since it’s the shortest one and I’ll be all busy with all the wedding prep. Wish me luck. Didn’t happen in February, or March. Hoping that it will get done in April.
  • Be 10lbs thinner by December 31st. I started 2013 at 206.4. I’m down to 198, which I’ve been consistently at for months. We’ll see if I can achieve this. I didn’t gain all the weight in 2 days, and I won’t lose it in 2 days either. So long as I can keep going down and maintaining it, I’ll be a happy camper.
  • Get a kick ass haircut after the wedding. I’m hoping to chop off a few inches before the summer! So very done!!!! And I effin love my hair. Currently I’m still dragging my feet to donate my hair, but I have over 12in of hair ready to be made into a wig (I’m donating it to Wigs for Kids, not Locks of Love. WFK doesn’t charge kids for the wigs).
  • Fix up an issue with my car. I already bought the part, now it’s a matter of having the time and money to take care of it.
  • Save some money and get a new lens for the camera (more than likely this will happen towards the end of the year).
  • Be an author in at least 2 publications. I appeared in 2 new ones last year, so I don’t see why not, with all the effort and data I’ve collected for a few labs. There’s one manuscript in preparation. I hope to have another by year’s end.

Job-wise, I’d like to have a good 1st year end review. Even if I do, because of money constraints at school, I don’t anticipate getting a raise, though that would be cool. This one is happening in April. We’ll see if I get to keep my job and how well my bosses think I’ve been doing this year. I’m not counting on a raise, since the Uni is looking to cut costs everywhere they can think of. And although there’s not a raise freeze in place, I don’t know how my department will deal with the funding cuts yet.

No, I have not abandoned the blog

Wow, it’s been forever since I last posted here. I never thought I’d abandon the blog, but with the wedding and honeymoon behind me, I finally have time to sort of get back to tweeting and blogging (however sparsely I do both).

The wedding was amazing. Honey looked extremely handsome. My mom worked her tail off to correct a few problems with my dress (mainly, my boobs didn’t fit in the thing), my sister had her stylist do our hair and make up, and I wore uncomfortable but pretty shoes which I promptly ditched after our first dance). We didn’t have a very traditional wedding. The priest did a sanation, which means that our civil marriage was “elevated” in the eyes of the church, to a church one. We got a handy little diploma at the end of the mass/wedding and got to keep our marriage licence from NY State (woohoo!). My sister got late to the ceremony (the stylist took a long ass time with my hair), but she did get there, and my little nephew went down the isle with a cousin and behaved extremely well. Hon’s cousins’ kids walked down the isle throwing rose petals. It was awesome. Both of my parents walked me down the isle, and hon’s mom walked him (we had everyone walk down the isle, kids, two best men, my parents) and my FIL played Canon in D on his guitar. Tons of pictures were taken and eventually we made it to the reception.

At the reception we didn’t throw my bouquet, or did the garter thing. We didn’t do the traditional father-daughter dance (my dad doesn’t know how to dance and our relationship is not THAT amazing, I mean, we talk to each other, but the dance has never held any particular significance in my eyes). We had a DJ, but served food individually to our guests and the people at the reception hall were amazing, always asking if we needed anything, they got me beer, wine and even changed my plate since we served chicken and steak and well … if you know me, you know I’m not a steak person. We danced, with each other and with our guests and when the best men delivered their speeches, one of them mentioned that we wanted our reception to be a family feast, so everyone should eat, dance and spend time as they would in their own house.

Our reception ended early, as the hall was about 1hr away from our hometown and we had some old fellas there. We had lanterns, delicious cake which my sister arranged for and lots of laughter.

I do remember feeling overwhelmed by the dress. By the sheer weight of it. And since it didn’t have any pick up anywhere, I ended up carrying the tiny (but heavy) train all night. The next day my arm was sore.

We went to a hotel after and I begged honey to help me get out of the dress because I felt like I was going to die feeling all sticky and sweaty (I hate feeling like that). After getting out of all the compression garments which held the dress in its proper place, I washed my face like 5 times.

We were spent. Luckily there was a boxing match with helped keep us awake while we manage to sort through our overnight bags and some of the gifts we got. But we almost didn’t make it awake until the end of the fight.

We were asleep like pet rocks before midnight (definitely we don’t have the energy two 22 year olds would have). The next day we drove to the airport to catch a flight to the Caribbean and spend some wonderful time near the beach and near a historical part of South America. It was our first time there and it was awesome. And like I said on Twitter, avoid flying in an American airliner to SA. Fly Copa or any of the other airlines (Avianca, Condor). They way the treat you is amazing. On a total of 3.5 hrs of flying we were given lunch AND a snack, plus whatever alcoholic drinks we wanted. I foolishly asked the flight attendant how much a glass of wine cost and he kindly responded that they weren’t the type of airline that charged customers for their drinks, regardless how much alcohol they had (or lacked).

I hope to share later how my year end review went. And of course, a bit of how year 2 as a lab manager is going. I really like my job, even when there are tough times and tough decisions to make regarding science and equipment. We’ll see how things go. Hon is also doing much, MUCH better and both the wedding and honeymoon went well for him. Lots of stress but he handled it like a champ. I’m very proud of my husband.