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Resolutions 2013 – revisited. What did I accomplish?

Seeing as I did pretty good (IMO) with last year’s resolutions here’s a list, in no particular order, of this year’s resolutions:

  1. Get new tires for the car that (thankfully) I didn’t sell and will need at new job city. A few months back hon drove to the tire shop and we got the same tires I got 5 years ago which lasted through 2 winters in Canada and 2 in NYC. Nuf said.
  2. In addition, get the title of my car from new job city as soon as I can (ie. within 30 days of moving) and not delay it like I did in NYC (still waiting on the stupid title, oh how I dislike NYC’s bureaucracy). Super done the month after I moved to the new city.
  3. Pay off credit card #3 (the one with the lowest balance, which is still pretty high, IMO) while saving money for the wedding (and perhaps the honeymoon, though for now we’re not counting on having a honeymoon immediately after the wedding). Didn’t happen, though I reduced 2 debts by 1k each and paid off a whole year of the debt my dad got my into (just 3.5yrs to go … crap).
  4. Marry Mr 30 and a PhD in City Hall before we embark on our new adventure in new job city. We did. The magical date was mid-February!
  5. Leave everything I need to in order at my current place of employment so my labbies feel a bit relieved that I didn’t leave them hanging. My former labbies recorded me doing a few things around the lab which they hadn’t seen me do and we stay in contact my email and text. We’ve been able to help each other out and I’m thankful for good work relationships.
  6. Take advantage of the free public transportation initiative that new job institution offers; hopefully I’ll save some money by not filling up my tank as often, keeping the environment cleaner, and of course, avoiding cursing others as if I still lived in NYC. I did take the bus a few times, like when my in-laws were visiting and while I waited to get my parking sticker, but now in the winter, I haven’t taken the bus a single time.
  7. Attend a conference, workshop or some such networking thingie outside of new job city. Didn’t happen 😦 but my boss did tell me to stop being shy and go to one this year so I can bring some new things to do to our lab. This felt awesome and little by little I’m setting the wheels in motion. Mid-summer of 2014 I should be freezing my ass for 3 days at a whole-field conference. Yay!
  8. Get my tubes checked. Once and for all. I hate having painful periods. Grrrrrr I got an IUD and I still get periods, but they’re much milder, almost non existent and the pain is under control.
  9. Lose 20 pounds, no more, no less, so I can fit in my wedding dress. Didn’t happen. I did lose 10lbs, but it wasn’t enough to help me fit in the dress (in fact, I would have needed to lose 35lbs to fit in it).
  10. Cook at home as often as possible. I’d lost some weight in my previous apartment and with me previous roommate, who was never there. At the new place I have more roommates, and they’re almost always there. I hate not having a kitchen for myself. I’ve tried my best to eat at home with some success. I’ve tried making new dishes for hon (not too many). I did perfect the art of making great sirloin burgers at home, which I tend to do in the summer (that way all the windows are open and the stench of beef goes away faster). Still a work in progress.
  11. Appear in a paper coming out of the new lab. Still in the works.
  12. Prove that my new lab is essential for the institution and hopefully score a tech, even if it’s just part time. I know I’m going to be a busy bee. Still in the works.
  13. Start saving for a DSLR or a Macbook Pro (I know, with the wedding and the kicking a debt in the groin it seems almost impossible, but even if it’s just 300$, I want that money put away for just that purpose). Got a new DSLR and I LOVE it!!!!!

What are your resolutions?