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And NYC reunited us

Even though it’s a bit late (as in, not on Feb 14), I wanted to share with you some tidbits about my relationship with Mr 30 and a PhD et moi, and also, our new family unit, established a few days ago here in NYC.

Mr 30 and a PhD, also known as honey on both this blog and Twitter, and I have known each other for more than a decade now. We met as high school students competing for our respective schools in a National Honour Society thing back in the late 90’s (oh dear, that’s a long time ago). After that, we saw each other once more in my home town church, which will serve as the stage in which we will profess our love for each other (again), this time in front of our families and more friends. We both started college the same year, and graduated at the same time. A few days before that, we’d exchanged numbers, not knowing that life would bring us together a couple of years later. He went to a school in the South, like I did, but in a different state. We’d randomly call each other, all in the true spirit of friends.

Then we broke up with our respective partners at the time. And a year later, on one of those random calls (one he wasn’t supposed to answer because he didn’t recognize my new number), we made arrangements to meet in NYC and go check out some film schools he was interested in applying. I was taking a vacation in NYC and he was looking for a school in which to start the PhD once again. He’d quit after his first year in grad school, gone into a different program, was now working on a master’s. He was ready to start the path down PhD lane once again. This time he wouldn’t be alone, I’d be there by his side.

Then, in August of 2005 all the stars aligned, and after some hesitation on my part, we became an item. One lovely, nerdy, PhD-bound entity. A few months later he moved in with me, lived 1.5 years with me in the South, once again, and after, he embarked on his path down the PhD, this in Canada. I didn’t try to stop him, even though we’d be in a long distance relationship. We weren’t sure what to expect, but I wanted my cake and to eat it too, so I kept the boy, even when he was far away, living in the tundra.

Then we reunited, and I did a bad postdoc. And then I found a job in NYC. The same city he’d been looking into for graduate programs. I left Canada, and with a broken heart I started my NYC adventure. He came to visit more than once, and fell in love with the great city that brought us together … just like I did.

Then last Xmas break, after 7 non-stop years of pure fun (with many long distance installments), honey proposed. It was the happiest day of my life. Here was the man of my dreams, talking about continuing our own little family unit for the long run, and with a beautiful ring, and tears and a sweet proposal to boot. A new job, again in the South, a ring was on my finger …. and just like in one of our favourite shows, a quirky justice of the peace, pronounced us husband and wife … in the city that saw us come together back in 2005. And now we’re embarking on a new adventure. An adventure that started in this City … one I am thankful to have called home for almost 2 years. One I hope keeps surprising us … perhaps even call us back in the future.

Hon and I are now husband and wife, united by a strong bond and a shared vision of the future. And a healthy dose of humour. We’re happy you’ve been part of it, and hope you stay tuned to see how things go from here on. Happy Valentine’s Day from NYC ❤