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Decisions, decisions

One of my resolutions for 2012 was to continue writing, at least once a week, to keep this blog going. Things went well, until they didn’t. It’s not that I don’t like to write. I do. Very much. Maybe because my computer crapped out at last week and that I’m definitely not writing 800 words using my phone, oh no … lately, I’ve found myself being lazy. I’m not on Twitter as much as I used to, and I’m definitely feeling like owe people something. The people that come to the blog looking for info on how to survive in grad school. Or how to deal with rough patches in their postdoc. Or simply to vent some of the frustration that comes with being a scientist. Whatever the cause, I feel like I’m failing as a communicator.

In reality, nothing major has been going on lately. I come to work, do my thing and go home. Wash and repeat. It’s not a boring existence. It’s just uneventful. And I hate being so quiet and “out of touch” I guess.

So, I’ve decided that come 2013, I probably won’t write every week, unless there’s any major development in my life, career, or both. I won’t write as often, but I will. I promise. I just want to feel less guilty about not writing as often, or with the passion I used to. I’ll keep on sharing new developments and such, but I won’t be writing as often (ie., 4-5 times a month).

Other than that, all is going well. I’m happy that this is a short week and that I get to rest a bit on Thursday. I still cough and sneeze on occasion from the cold I had a few weeks past. But thankfully I can finally walk and go up and down the stairs without losing my breath. I took my kitty to the vet and she’s had her shots and is doing fine. Next year she’ll need surgery for a minor problem.

I’m also interacting a lot with my roommates. They’re good people and fun and I’m getting out of my shell and talking more, opening more to see who they are and who I am. I’m very thankful that I haven’t had a crazy roommate (just yet).

Above all, I’m excited to go home and see my nephew and my mom and sister. And my favourite cousins and aunts and uncles. And of course, to go on dates with Mr 30 and a PhD. Oh, and did I mention that he just started teaching a master’s level class, at a university?? My honey is an adjunct faculty! He’s a professor!!! I’m so happy that one of his dreams is coming true little by little.

What’s new with you?