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Our anniversary

This month, honey and I celebrate our 7th year together. And in case you’re wondering, honey is a boy (man … he’s my manfriend 😀 ).

7 years ago I had no idea where we’d be. We started dating after knowing each other for 6 years. We attended the same college, had many friends in common, parallel lives in several senses. Then we went to grad school, and one night, out of the blue, I called to say high. This was in June of 2005. We’ve spoken almost every night since then. Though we’ve had big fights, arguments and disagreements, we’ve never broken up.

Honey is my best friend. We understand each other, and even when we’re apart, like now, sometimes we’re still very much synchronized. I think we have a very good connection, one not forged by magical thinking, but by lots of work, communication and understanding.

For our anniversary we’re going out of state for a weekend of exploring and enjoying, much like we’ve done in the past, much like we did when we lived together.

My heart breaks every time something happens and I can’t be with him because of my job and being in NYC. I’ve started looking for work back in my hometown. I want to be close to my honey, to our families.

I’ve started to dream of the future, and of honey becoming Mr. 27 and a PhD. I dream of a little house, a dog and our cat, two steady jobs, our old decorations from our first place together in Canada, now all settled in our own little space at home. I hope this dream comes true soon.

We’ve been together for the duration of both of our PhDs. He attended my defense and was my only company for graduation. I couldn’t attend his graduation, but did attend his defense. I felt like I was defending myself.

I treasure every year, every trip, every visit, call, card and email. I still get giddy when we kiss and I look forward to his every text or DM. Technology has been good to us, even when life keeps us physically apart.

I can’t wait to have honey with me in the coming days. I love you my precious, my precious, handsome man. I hope we celebrate 7 x 7, and many more.