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Musings, and internet overload

Hey y’all, here’s my usual weekly most. Today I’m feeling mostly weak. I’m tired, I’m not sleeping well. I’m missing my boyfriend, I don’t feel successful at work, I’m frustrated, and above all, I feel like I’m overloaded with the web.

You may have noticed that I enter Twitter sparsely these days. It’s not that I don’t like y’all, I really do. But sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming. I look at my stream and there are so many interesting stories and bits, and I’d love to stay current. I have a million tabs open on my browser, I don’t know when and where I started. I feel burned. I haven’t felt like that in a while. I like you all, I do, I’m just feeling a little restless and overwhelmed. I try to answer my @’s and emails and other forms of communication, but I’m mostly out of the loop, as I just feel a little overpowered by the web.

I’m shopping for a doctor, I need a prescription for my PMDD pills.

I’m missing honey like mad, and his job search is going much like mine was last year. He really, really wants a TT position, and it breaks my heart that he gets promises, but little on the side of an actual job. I feel his pain, and it feels like I’m being suckered punch every time he gets a negative, or worse, gets ignored.

At work I’m feeling accomplished on some things, but not others. I’m bored at times, and extremely busy at others, some things are becoming repetitive and I sometimes feel like I’m not doing my best, or contributing or doing my all. Truth be told, some of the new projects coming in do not use my expertise at all. I’ve been doing some work for some profs, but they and their students are doing most of the processing and writing up, so I’m not contributing much in that area either.

It’s not that I don’t like what I do, it just feels like I don’t have enough to do at times. There are changes happening soon which will mean being busier than usual for a few months. There are possible projects coming, but they’re far in the future (at least looking at them today).

I was also under the weather, which may have to do with the overall feeling of bleh I’m having. I’ll be back with more good stuff, but for now I need space, I’m tired and uninspired.