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Resolutions 2012 – Eight months in

Here’s how things are going eight months into 2012. The changes are crossed and have a comment. Enjoy!

Even though I complain all the time about hating to do resolutions, I still manage to make a list. I like lists, I enjoy making them and I enjoy crossing stuff off even more. So, without further ado, here’s what I hope to accomplish have accomplished in 2012 (in no particular order):

  1. Get bangs. I love bangs, but after a while I get tired. I found a haircut that I love and back in October, I found a stylist that I like, so I hope to get into the spirit of spring with a new haircut and bangs to match. Finally I’m sporting bangs, a little long, but that’s better than ending up with Audrey Hepburn’s bangs on hair that’s thicker than thick. My bangs are grown now and as it always happens, I end up hating them after a while. But, I may get them again in the fall/winter when they don’t look all crappy due to humidity (and sweat).
  2. Sell my car.
  3. But first I need to *finally* get the papers in order. It still has an ON title.  *** I did get my driver’s license and I got the papers for transferring the title … one step at a time. Done and I finally changed my driver’s licence too (bye, bye ON licence).
  4. Ask for a raise, because I deserve it, and I want it. After having the results of my year end review, I ended up with a few more pennies in my pocket. Not too shabby :-)
  5. Visit the family and stay a few days without worrying about money. Possibly attend my nephew’s birthday. I did, and I did attend my nephew’s birthday. I love that little bundle of awesome :-)
  6. Attend hon’s defense and graduation. We can call honey Mr 30 and a PhD.YAY! I didn’t get to go to hon’s graduation due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. my ex roommate moving in with her fiancee and me getting kicked out and having to find a new place). But, I got to go to his defense which was awesome.
  7. Make a dent on credit card debt #3, the smallest one (thought it’s still pretty significant).
  8. Attend a national meeting of my discipline or at least sub-field. I have no money to attend, and work won’t cover it unless I pay in advance, so not this year.
  9. Appear on a publication, even if it’s just in the acknowledgments.
  10. Write an entry once a week. So far so good.
  11. Make dinner at home, at least 1 week of every month (it costs me as much to dine out as to buy groceries and cook, so I opt to (mostly) eat out and work late).Woo! Achieved. I’m cooking most days in, not 7 days a week, but most days a week, every week. Not too shabby here either. I’ll take eating in most days, rather than cooking for 7 days just one week a month. Due to the move I’m back ordering food online. Let’s see how I can correct this.
  12. Tell annoying family member to fuck off if he keeps harassing me.
  13. Try a few new places to eat, especially around my neighbourhood (not that I don’t love you y’all, but you know, I need variety). Forced to do because of the move, that said, I *finally* found an awesome place for thai food. Not as good as my favourite places in Canada, but edible enough (who knew it was so hard to find decent pad thai in NYC, WTF??).
  14. Walk more, eat less, drink more water. Not eating less, but I’m opting to walk more whenever I can (and soon I should be getting my orthotics! finally done, yay!!!) and I’m drinking water most days at home; can’t seem to give up on Pepsi.
  15. Find a good, local brewery and try a new beer every month (suggestions are more than appreciated, also #drunksci). Been trying new beers/drinks almost every month. Hooray beer!

*** Amendment: my phone is doing all sorts of crazy shit, so even if I end up eating ramen noodles for two weeks, I’m getting rid of this crazy piece of shit and getting a new (and true) smartphone.