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Sci resolutions for the new year

Last week I made a list with personal and professional resolutions for 2012. While most of them are good, and possibly achievable, I thought it would be good to set some goals for 2012 on the work/science front. There aren’t that many, as I prefer to be conservative, but I think there’s a decent chance of crossing off a few of these puppies by the year’s end. Here’s (a very short) list of my science resolutions for 2012. Let’s see how I do over the next 366 days 🙂 .

  • Attend a field/sub-field meeting by the end of the summer.
  • Renew my membership to said society.
  • Attend a couple of local meetings to get myself known (and avalable) to the community here in The City.
  • Attend a few training sessions/workshops on equipment or software used in the lab.
  • Appear in a publication, somewhere in the author list. Since I’m staff, and I don’t really have a project of my own yet, I probably won’t be a 1st author any time soon. Still appearing in a publication will help gain some recognition in the field and keep my publication juices flowing.
  • Learn to use, with confidence, all major pieces of equipment in the lab. In last 6 months I’ve learned how to use 2 machines that no one else knows how to use (and they seem to work!), along with other pieces of equipment. I’ve even taught a couple of people how to successfully operate them. Hopefully by December, or sooner, (knock on wood that I’ll still be employed!) I’ll master the other beasts in the lab, or at least know enough to teach people how to collect data without having me hold their hand.
  • Get a good evaluation and a decent raise. I’m convinced I should be earning a wee bit more (2-3K more would be wonderful, per year, not monthly (I wish!)) based on the amount of hours, training and independence I’ve gained, while in an understaffed lab. Let’s hope I can walk confidently into the boss’s office this spring/summer and convince him that I’m a) worth keeping, and b) worth the extra money.

Stay tuned to see how many of these I can cross off by 12-31-12.