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Daily Archives: November 24, 2011

I’m thankful

For so many things (in no particular order):

  1. I’m celebrating 5 months at work
  2. For having a job in the field I was trained, and love. And for finally having benefits (hooray retirement, dental and vision!)
  3. And learning my way with certain instruments and equipment at work
  4. And I’m starting to feel somewhat useful
  5. For having hon with me, in the city,  more times than I imagined possible after the move
  6. And his ability to find entertainment on the cheap (babe, you need to make your own website, entertainment on the cheap for poor grad students and staff scientists)
  7. And his love and support, and kindness and sweet messages throughout the day … even when I’m dead tired, it’s a nice things to find little smileys or sweet notes on my phone
  8. For my family and their continued support. For their health and love
  9. For great co-workers who make me smile
  10. For the lack of gossip and criticism from co-workers
  11. For getting more independent on some of the equipment, and hopefully getting the courage to ask the boss for a raise when the time comes
  12. For being able to pay my bills, and have food on my table, even if I can’t afford to go home for Xmas. This whole money ordeal with the family has shown me that sometimes, tough decisions have to be made in order to get out of debt and (hopefully) stay out of debt
  13. For the yummy, cheap deli near work and for the good Chinese place down the street
  14. For having a roof over my head and public transportation
  15. And an insane amount of luck finding parking
  16. For having fantastic Twitter and IRL friends
  17. For having two legs that work and carry my tired body at the end of the day
  18. For the many awesome people I’ve met while in this city, especially some really cool scientists … one of which I’ve admired for almost a decade
  19. For being able to speak my mind at work, to my boss’s face and not feeling bad about it (and hoping that it won’t get me fired). For his honesty and not needing a crystal ball to read his mind
  20. For having a crazy kitty that drives me insane … but it’s a most welcomed company when I get home from work
  21. For networking opportunities and for being able to attend a few cheap (or free) local meetings this year
  22. For leaving my postdoc at the right time, and for everything I learned there
  23. For having Canada be my second home and native land. I miss you and the nicest people on Earth (except the crazies driving around postdoc city, sheesh) …. and Thai Express
  24. For having 2 outlets to blog and share my stories, and especially, for all the warm and supportive comments, emails and tweets
  25. For looking out my window and seeing The City … I sometimes pinch myself because I can’t believe I get to live here