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Resolutions: 2011 edition

Good day y’all lovely readers. Happy 2011!!! I hope this year brings to your life much success and joy. I’ve been back for almost 1 week and I am having a hard time adjusting.  It’s not that I don’t love being close to honey and a shielded from my parent’s money woes. But I really don’t like what I’m doing at work, and though I am trying to focus on the positive and be proactive and think that by sometime this summer (if not earlier) I may be in a different job, it is hard to keep my focus and stay positive when all my being screams is “I want to be free.”

Anyway. Current lack of love for my work apart, I am trying to set a series of goals to hopefully end 2011 on better ground. I have to say that I don’t have much love for new year’s resolutions, but in a way I think this helps me keep track of goals (because I am a list whore) and also be accountable at the end of the year. I was looking at some of the goals I’d set up for 2010 (here) and I am pretty pleased with how things look and how I did manage to achieve some of those goals.

So, without further ado, here’s the 2011 list of goals for Dr. 29:

  1. Find a job that a) offers some sort of financial stability and pays better than current one … and possibly allows me to be close to all my family, parents, sis, nephew and of course, the boyfriend. DONE
  2. Sell my car so I can free up some cash for the move, wherever it ends up being. I love my car, it works well, it’s reliable, but I may not be able (more like willing) to drive to where I hope to relocate, so if I can manage to sell it for as close to its current value as possible it will be a win/win. Need to fix papers, and such. Hopefully will happen in 2012.
  3. Finally get to  150 lbs. No excuses. This may involve a visit to the gym and a serious improvement in the diet. So I hope to report on this as the year goes by. At my highest of 195, I’m at 186lbs right now (December ’11).
  4. Increase readership of the blog and hopefully be more upbeat on my posts. I hope to post more frequently (and yes, I still owe you the 29 and a PhD guide to Spain). In the works
  5. Decrease, in a significant manner, the amount of my physical possessions. Be either by throwing away useless stuff, free-cycling, donating or selling. I want to make a move to more conscientious living, starting with a dramatic de-cluttering session (or sessions) and a simpler, more environmentally friendly living. More of less done, due to the move.
  6. Get the 2nd and 3rd tattoos. I have a few clues and hopefully these will be my last. I want something small and cute, and nerdy. I’m leaning towards a character from Mario Bros. …. as I adore these games and the instantly bring a smile to my face, no matter what.
  7. Eliminate debt #4 from my list once and for all. I am so very close it’s not funny y’all. Will happen by December 31st of this year. I’m only 21$ away.
  8. Be a better friend and keep in contact with my loved ones by calling or emailing more often. Always a work in progress
  9. Take kitty to the vet and have her checked out for everything. She hasn’t been to the vet’s office since we moved. I know, I am a bad mother and I hope to improve on this. Done!
  10. Get the DSLR I want for my birthday, no excuses allowed. This point-and-shoot business is tiring. I can’t do anything I want anymore as I don’t have as much freedom as I need. Hopefully better photos will help handle the stress of all those other 9 resolutions. Not happening since my trusty 3 yr old P&S died and had to get an emergency replacement.

As always, I hope to report as soon as I can and I may be adding or adjusting as needed, so do check in often. Best wishes to you. Now back to work!