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Closer to Friday … do you feel the same?

Ok, the post’s title may not make much sense at first, but please stay with me. This is important. I recently tweeted in reply to a fellow blogger’s acknowledgement that in the East Coast it is past noon, that I’m happy for this, and also, that it means we’re way closer to Friday than before.

If you know me, you know that I live for Friday’s. Come Friday afternoon, at 4:30pm and you will find me singing or tweeting about the weekend, or something along those lines. Fridays just make me friggin’ happy. As in I start altering the lyrics to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” to things like “It’s the most wonderful time of the week, or the day, or the hour or any other time variation. Seriously.

Now, I’ve been paying attention to this for a while. I cannot remember if this started back in high school, college or grad school. Or whether this is just a reponse to how much my current area of research frustrates me. Whatever the cause, I’ve been paying extra attention to how I feel on Fridays. In a way I like it. I’m free, I can wake up the next two days at whatever time I want, I usually do not need to show to the lab, and there’s this sense of happiness that I cannot describe. Now, come Sunday … and … you can guess how I feel. Depending on my hormones, it can range from a complete state of bleh, to complaining all day long about how miserable I’m going to be on Monday, or how many meetings will keep me from doing experiments at the start of the week, etc, etc, etc.

Now, some of my tweeps love to express their love/like for Fridays too. Most of these tweeps are scientists or in some form of an career in academics.

My question is, do all of my tweeps, or readers feel the same? Even if your job is your dream job, do you find yourself enjoying Fridays more than any other day? Is this a reflection of how much I/you dislike working? Or do we all feel “trapped” in a way, even if we currently work at our dream job, and thinking about friday afternoon serves as a common escape? Do you believe in “dream jobs?” If you currently love where you work, or your type of work, do you find yourself extra happy when Friday afternoon rolls in, even while working in Dream Lab/Uni/Company?

I’m always obsessed about being and feeling “normal.” I’m asking these questions because I’d really like to get a general feel/sense for how others feel regarding the weekend, especially if they/you are in a place/situation/job that you define as your most desirable setting. Any thoughts?