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These are a few of my favourite things ….

Oh Etsy, how much I love you! I’m an etsy whore. In my time away from the bench I can spend hours upon hours looking at lovely crafts on Etsy.

Right now I’m in love with these:

  1. How totally adorable is this ring! I do not wear gold … ever! But I wouldn’t mind this guy here.
  2. Or this!!! It kills me! 
  3. And how about this beauty! Sometimes I daydream about getting engaged. Something like that one, or #2 would satisfy my unique, crafty and support-the-arts part of my personality.
  4. Wait a sec … they have #1 in white! Woooo hoooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Oh man … a girl can only dream. I’m just a few hours away from getting on the plane to Europe! I won’t be posting for a bit. If I get a chance I’ll upload a photo or two. I hope to start writing grad-school related posts soon after I come back. ‘Til then, enjoy your summer ūüôā

Vacation destination

I have not checked my blog in like … forever. It’s been such a couple of really intense weeks, as my days off get closer and closer. I’ve done a thousand and one experiments, left things ready for my coming back and now, I’m so very close it’s surreal. The boss’s excitement is still noticeable and I’m so very happy for that.

Being so close means that I can reveal the destination. The BF and I are going to …. Spain!!!! Oh I’m so very excited. I’ve visited a couple of European countries and I can definitely see myself visiting Spain. We are keeping a somewhat open schedule, and will get to spend a few days at the capital, Madrid. We’re thiking about going to Seville, Cuenca and Toledo, but we’ll see. I’d personally love to go to¬†Granada, but it may be too costly and farther than we want to go (or have time to go). When I’m not doing research on my project I’m doing research on Spain and Madrid. And I’ve also found a few guides for Madrid and surrounding areas, like here and here. I can’t wait to get there. For a few months now I’ve been saving money and exchanging whatever I can into Euros. I’ve been carefully planning outfits, and covering all the bases so that it is an enjoyable experience. I know some spanish, thus I hope we can navigate our way through the country. I’m thinking we’ll mostly stay within the centre and south of Spain. And we also know it’s going to be super, super hot. Therefore I’m taking a bunch of shorts, a dress or two, comfy shoes and a bottle of water so I stay hydrated.

We leave in a few days and will be there until mid-July. I certainly won’t be able to update from there, but I hope to have my own guide (photos included!) or at least an entry or two about what we did and how we spent our vacation.

More to come in mid-July! Au revoir. Adios!

Getting “high” on research

I don’t know what’s going on, but for whatever reason I’ve been “high” for a couple of days. Ever since the boss OK’d my going on vacay in a few weeks (2 weeks, 2 whole weeks, end of June, here I come!!) I’ve been on cloud 9. I can barely contain my happiness. But I guess it stems from the fact that the boss is also “high.” A few students have defended recently, plus we’re getting new students for the summer (and maybe 1 new grad student), and I know he’s going to a conference in Eastern Europe later this year … but that’s pretty far out, thus I really don’t know the reason for why the boss is SO happy. But regardless of the cause, he’s happy, he’s excited and consequently people in the lab have a better attitude.

I’m blessed to have really cool lab mates who are quick to offer a helping hand and sound advice when things aren’t working. And we all get along. There’s not a single person in my lab (now) that I don’t like. My office-mates are cool. In general, life in the lab is really good. I have to say that pretty much every single lab I’ve worked in has had a good dynamic. Sure, we all have our days, and sometimes we get along better with some people. But overall, I have to give thanks to the high heavens that things have been very positive everywhere I’ve conducted research. (more…)

Vacation time …

Dear!! Oh my, how I miss writing. I’m happy to be back. I’m back on my medicine and feeling so happy and relaxed. It’s incredible the relief one feels once PMDD is not wreaking havoc on one’s system. This week has been exceptional. On monday I showed the boss some very preliminary results on a complex I’m trying to form. Oh my, for the first time in ages my boss was not only smiling, but really excited. And I guess those things and gestures are contagious, as I spent the rest of the week on a natural high :-). By the week’s end I had some results on a second project I just started working, and again, the boss was super smiley. And then … I asked the question I had been dreading to ask for a little while …. if it would be OK to go on vacay for a few days.

I’ve always been very apprehensive¬†about vacation time since I feel like a boss would say no (especially after an experience I had back when I was a grad student). Briefly, I went on vacay with the boyfriend to Europe. On my way back I traveled again 3 more times (2 of them for weddings) and the boss was not too keen on that. I was bummed. Because I felt like I had been giving my best, I had 3 publications behind me, and yet, it was not enough. That year I only visited my family for a very shot time during the winter break, even though I was entitled to taking more than 10 days off. Since then, I’ve been very hesitant when it comes to ask for time off.

I paid attention to the advice a friend in the lab gave me, waited to have results for both projects I’m working on, and then after presenting them, I casually mentioned that I wanted to take time off. The boss said no problem, seemed interested when I mentioned the location, and said “have fun”. Have fun??!! AWESOME!!!!!

I was on cloud 9 for the remainder of the day. And now I want to work harder and better, and have several things purified and waiting for when I come back.

I’m going back to Europe, and will be spending some time in Spain. I’m leaving by then end of the month and come back mid-July …. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I hope to provide a small guide on the sights¬†and places I visit .. and may even provide a photo or two … but not featuring me ….¬† of course! I’m thinking about a couple of posts I want to write. I certainly hope to post something before the end of June (and before leaving for vacay!).

Getting back in the groove of things

I’m somewhat back. I had a meeting this morning with the boss and he seemed encouraged about some results I got last week. Nothing too earth shattering, but exciting nonetheless. My work is definitely cut out for me in the next week and I’m hoping that on Friday I can have something conclusive to show AND (somewhat more importantly) ask (or inform) about the impending vacation the BF and I are planning to take. At this point I can only say we’ve got tickets for a lovely place in Europe and I definitely hope to have more news about this soon. I may write a 28 and a PhD vacation “guide” regarding our destination, but that will invariably have to wait until I’ve got official confirmation.

As promised, I’m back on my PMDD meds and things are starting to look better, but I’m not super well just yet. I hope to be back at full, operating speed soon.

Best wishes and I hope you are enjoying your summer. xoxo