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Thesis prayer – Search Term short answer

Another frequent term I’ve been getting lately is “say a thesis prayer before PhD defense.”

I’ve mentioned before that I was born and raised in the catholic faith, though I’m going through a rough patch right now where I don’t like organized religion too much.

Seeing that Lent started this past week and the amount of times I’ve gotten this search term used to get to my blog I feel like maybe a higher calling is being made and I must answer.

Feel free to check this post on how my PhD defense DAY was … yeah, it felt like a day although it was all said and done in 6-7 hours (the defense was 1.5 hrs, the lecture was 1hr long, then the celebration took place so it was a day long process).

So, as a catholic I believe in saints, and Mary, and in asking the Saints and Mary for intervention in cases where my faith or strength doesn’t seem enough. For my thesis I remember making 2 prayers, a personal one (just a conversation with God, giving him thanks for letting me reach that point where the defense was imminent and for all the good and not so good that had transpired through the years). I also did a prayer which was given to me the day before I almost lost my life. I was given a prayer that I’ve carried with me ever since, and it talks about not dying in battle, not being defeated by enemies, etc. It’s a prayer to St Joseph. And because for me the the thesis felt like a battle, like I could fail, I made that prayer.

I don’t think there’s a formulaic prayer which will automatically make you pass the thesis. What I do believe in is asking for protection, guidance and direction, and after all is said and done, no matter the outcome, just give thanks for having reached a new stage in your personal and professional life.

Whatever you path to God, or whoever you call your Supreme Being, try to be thankful for reaching the post-thesis stage. And stay focused and breathe, enjoy every second, as it will be over sooner thank you think.