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WordPress stats and even MORE search terms

You just gotta love it … One of the nifty features of WordPress is that once you go to your dashboard (according to how you’ve set things up) you can check out how people have landed on your blog, how many and what search terms or pages were used to get to the blog. I usually get between 20-50 visits a day, especially after a new post is published. And the reason I’m glad people visit here (even if comments are sparse) is that I get this sense that the blog-o-sphere comes in SUPER handy when it’s time for your to consider going to grad school, get into grad school and scary things happen, or are almost out the door and have little to no counseling, or are afraid to ask “silly” questions (there’s no such thing as silly question … unless you’re just super clueless by nature).

I’ve done other Q and A “sessions”, or search term posts before. You can access them here, and here. And since we’re in February, which I suspect will start a new season of theses defenses, and students scrambling to get done and walk the walk, I decided to do the 3rd installment of the Search Term series. Periodically I gather search terms from those lovely WP stats and select the ones which either tickle me the most, or were similar enough to the worries I had last year as I was getting ready to defend. Or are worries I’ve heard before, and have given advice. I offer my honest opinion, and if I have no clue of what to answer I’ll say so. Without further ado … here we have the Feb 2010 installment of Search Terms.